Governance Reviews

Governance is critical for success of any organisation. Organisations may not be aware of weaknesses in compliance with the law, code of good corporate governance and thus be found wanting of their claim to be complying. Governance compliance is a capability that could lead to a number of growth opportunities, such opportunities need to be realize, we therefore help in checking not compliance, but also the performance and strategic capabilities and how they are transformed in creating value.

In Governance Review, we normally apply control tests to check effectiveness of the board in the following areas:

  • Board Development, looking at selection, induction, onboarding, continuous development, board maturity and board evaluation,
  • Board Compliance, Looking at legal and voluntary code compliance and compliance with own policies and strategic goals
  • Governance frameworks & documentation Looking at governance instruments and tools such as Board Chartered, Policies, Nomination processes, remuneration policies, ethics policy and code, Risk frameworks, ICT governance frameworks, Succession plan, Sustainability programmes etc.
  • Board Effectiveness Looking at Board evaluation, Director protection, board meetings dynamics, board culture, composition, diversity issues, board
    work planning etc.
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